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Partseeker 3.6

Partseeker has been updated to version 3.6 and now supports dark theme. The update also fixes some bugs and include performance improvements and support for the latest Android releases.

You can find it on Google Play Store.

Electrodoc 5.0 for Android

New version 5.0 of Electrodoc for Android devices is being rolled out in the stores. It has many novelty, among which a new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc.

You can get the free version on Google Play and Amazon app store.
The PRO version is available here:
Google Play
Amazon app store.

Here is the change-log of version 5.0:
• new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc;
• capacitor series/parallel calculator;
• dark theme;
• rewritten large parts of the app;
• optimized layouts;
• new high quality images;
• support for resistors <1 Ohm;
• minimum Android 5 required;
• translation updates;

Electrodoc 2.0 for iOS

The new release of Electrodoc for iOS is in the iTunes store.

You can download now at

Here is the complete change-log of version 2.0:
• new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc;
• dark theme;
• new high quality images;
• new resources: Raspberry Pi4, USB 3.2 specification;
• new resources: capacitors marking codes (EIA Class 1, tolerance, voltage);
• added more formulas;
• table headers fixed at the top;
• updated various resources;
• bugs fix and various improvements;
• translation updates;