The new version of ElectroDroid has been released on the Android Marketplace.
If you are using an Android device, click here to get the donate version, and here to download the free version.

Here is the change-log:
• Calculators can be used in landscape mode;
• PCB Trace Width Calculator;
• Simple Filters calculator;
• NE555 astable calculator;
• Inductor design tool available also for the free version;
• High resolution pictures for hdpi screens;
• Variuos bug fixes in calculators (e.g. Resistor Rratio, Voltage Drop);
• Fix errors in resources (e.g. 12V atx alim)
• More symbols in Circuit Schematics (Schottky, SRC);
• PATA-SATA pinout;
• 4-pole Jack pinout;
• Ethernet cross-over cable;
• MS-DOS ASCII code;
• Boolean logic gate and algebra Theorems;
• Some 7400 info and pinout;
• 25 pair cable color code;
• Coin/button battery data;
• Improved Voltage drop calculator (wire cross setion and diameter in inch, mm);
• Improved some resources (e.g. serial port, ATX tolerance);
• USB3 micro connector pinout and Power specifation;
• Minor layout modifications;
• More leds in led resistor calculcator;
• New translations: Polish, Slovak, Norwegian;

The version 2.3 have some minor improvement and fix some bugs and crash.