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Electrodoc 5.0 for Android

New version 5.0 of Electrodoc for Android devices is being rolled out in the stores. It has many novelty, among which a new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc.

You can get the free version on Google Play and Amazon app store.
The PRO version is available here:
Google Play
Amazon app store.

Here is the change-log of version 5.0:
• new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc;
• capacitor series/parallel calculator;
• dark theme;
• rewritten large parts of the app;
• optimized layouts;
• new high quality images;
• support for resistors <1 Ohm;
• minimum Android 5 required;
• translation updates;

Electrodoc 2.0 for iOS

The new release of Electrodoc for iOS is in the iTunes store.

You can download now at

Here is the complete change-log of version 2.0:
• new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc;
• dark theme;
• new high quality images;
• new resources: Raspberry Pi4, USB 3.2 specification;
• new resources: capacitors marking codes (EIA Class 1, tolerance, voltage);
• added more formulas;
• table headers fixed at the top;
• updated various resources;
• bugs fix and various improvements;
• translation updates;

Electrodroid 1.3 for iOS

A new version of Electrodroid PRO is available on Apple iTunes store.

The new version 1.3 has a lot of novelty… enjoy!

• more options and materials in voltage drop calculator;
• added more materials to resistivity table;
• improved layout on iPhoneX;
• new pinouts: Power Over Ethernet, 6-pin JTAG/SWD, 3-pin DMX512;
• new pinouts: eSATAp, trailer various connectors;
• new Resources: NEMA connectors;
• updated resources: Raspberry Pi0 W and Pi3+ specs;
• updated resources: Ampacity table, new Battery tables;
• fixed resources: Capacitors codes, IEC World Plugs;
• negative values and improved precision in dB converter;
• bug fix and performance improvements;
• possibility to change language inside the app;
• dropped support for iOS8;
• added privacy options;
• translation updates.