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On the occasion of #ArduinoDay we are launching a special contest for Electrodroid users…
Build a great project with Electrodroid app and Arduino, share with us and win Electrodroid Pro licenses.
Few simple rules:

  • publish, by June 30, a link to a video or a webpage describing with photos and texts your project using Electrodroid app and Arduino (video should be in English or subtitled in English)
  • follow us, mention @electrodroidapp in your facebook or twitter post, and use the hashtag #electrodroidcontest
  • the project may use Arduino and have a description about how ElectroDroid was used and useful for it
  • the project should be unique and new and must not have been published on the Internet before the 1st of May
  • the evaluation of the projects will be based on their complexity, educational content and how extensively the Electrodroid app has been used
  • special points goes to schools, teaching community and collaborative projects
  • the best 10 projects, according to our valuation, will be awarded with Electrodroid Pro promotional codes for Google Play or Apple iTunes stores; multiple promo codes may be awarded to collaborative projects (max 10 codes per project for a total of 100 promo codes). We reserve the right to increase the number of codes at a later date.

Electrodroid 1.9 for Windows Phone

ElectroDroid 1.9 for Windows Phone is available on Windows Store, for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile.

– updated pinouts and resources;
– improved SMD resistor code calculator;
– new pinouts: Audio DIN, Apple Lightning, and Trailers connectors;
– new resources: USB specification, Battery list, IP marking, World plug & Socket;
– fixed crash in inductor color code;
– fixed minor bugs;
– updated translations; added French, Hungarian, Slovak.

Electrodroid 1.7 for Windows Phone

ElectroDroid 1.7 for Windows Phone is available on Windows Phone Store. It is available for all the versions of Windows Phone and the screen resolutions.

The new version adds new calculators (ADC converter, RMS converter, Power calculator), new pinouts (JTAG, Arduino Yun, BeagleBone boards, DIN47100).
It also fixes some bugs (e.g. decimal separator issue with some configurations) and add Polish and Simplified Chinese languages.