Version 1.9
– updated pinouts and resources;
– improved SMD resistor code calculator;
– new pinouts: Audio DIN, Apple Lightning, and Trailers connectors;
– new resources: USB specification, Battery list, IP marking, World plug & Socket;
– fixed crash in inductor color code;
– fixed minor bugs;
– updated translations; added French, Hungarian, Slovak;

Version 1.8:
– fixed some bugs;
– updated pinouts and resources;

Version 1.7
– ADC converter;
– RMS converter
– Power calculator;
– fixed decimal separator issue when system language is different than keyboard language;
– new pinouts (JTAG, Arduino Yun, BeagleBone boards, DIN47100);
– fixed some bugs;
– updated translations; added Polish, Simplified Chinese;

Version 1.6:
– ISO connector for car audio pinout;
– Character LCD pinout;
– GPIB (IEEE-488) pinout;
– Arduino Uno, Due, Leo, Mega, Micro pin-outs;
– Russian, Portuguese translations;

Version 1.5:
– NE555 calculator;
– Voltage regulator/LM317 calculator;
– fixed some bugs in decibel converter;
– new pinouts: SD card, OBD-II;
– new resources: Fuses and Automotive Fuses color codes;
– Spanish translation;

Version 1.4:
– Capacitor charge calculator;
– new pinouts: PDMI and Apple 30-pin Dock Connector, Raspberry Pi;
– new resources: PT100 Conversion Table, Radio Frequency tables;
– Finnish and Danish translations;

Version 1.3:
– Battery Life calculator;
– Power dissipation calculator;
– new pinouts: PS2, MIDI and GamePort;
– new resources: 7400 IC, 78xx IC;
– Italian and German translation;
– minor fixes;

Version 1.2:
– decibel converter;
– frequency converter;
– set value dialog improved, decimal separator fix;
– new pinouts: Firewire, ATX-Molex, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables;
– new resources: SMD Packages info, Logic Gate;
– updated existing resources;

Version 1.1:
– lookup resistor color code by value;
– PCB trace width calculator;
– Inductor color code;
– new pinouts: Registered Jack, DisplayPort, Vesa, XLR connectors, 25-pair color codes;
– new resources: Circuit schematic Symbols, Batteries, Switch;
– updated existing resources;

Version 1.0:
– first release.