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Electrodoc 2.0 for iOS

The new release of Electrodoc for iOS is in the iTunes store.

You can download now at

Here is the complete change-log of version 2.0:
• new app name: Electrodroid is now Electrodoc;
• dark theme;
• new high quality images;
• new resources: Raspberry Pi4, USB 3.2 specification;
• new resources: capacitors marking codes (EIA Class 1, tolerance, voltage);
• added more formulas;
• table headers fixed at the top;
• updated various resources;
• bugs fix and various improvements;
• translation updates;

Super-cool new release!!!

We are about to release new updates for Electrodroid on the stores, with a lot of new features for both iOS and Android, including new images and high resolution artworks, support for the dark theme, and especially the new name Electrodoc… stay tuned.

Help us improve Electrodroid!

Take part in our survey now to let us know your thoughts on the future development of the application and have a chance to win a free lifetime license for Electrodroid.

The survey is available at the following address:

It will run for one week until 25th April 2020, and can be closed early if we get enough answers before the deadline expires. On 1st May 2020, we will draw the winners from the list of all the participants.

Up for grabs are 10 licenses for Electrodroid PRO to download on Google Play or iTunes store, or equivalent prize.
If you already have the PRO version, if you win, you can request a license for one or more of our other apps or a gift code for your friend.