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Partseeker 3.4

Partseeker has been updated to version 3.4 with many bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.

Changelog Version 3.4:
• bugs fix and performance improvements;
• support for the latest Android versions;
• layouts fix;
• adaptive icons support;
• added privacy policy;

You can find it on Google Play Store.

Amazon Alexa skills

Announcing our first Amazon Alexa skillsLED Resistor Calculator, and Ohm’s law Calculator.

They are a little piece of Electrodroid that can help you get the resistance needed to limit the current in a certain type of LED just with your voice, or to calculate voltage, current or resistance applying the Ohm’s Law.

Activate now:

After you activate the skills you can say for example “Alexa, ask LED Resistor Calculator what resistance do I need for a red LED with five volt“, or “Alexa, ask Ohm’s law Calculator the voltage over one kilo ohms and a current of one milli ampere“.

If you appreciate the idea and would like to get other features and Electrodroid calculators that can be used with your voice, activate and rate the skill with 5 starts, it would be a great encouragement for us.
We are looking forward to trying out the new skill and letting us know your opinion.