The new version of ElectroDroid has been released on the Android Marketplace.

From now there will be two version of the app available on the Market: the traditional free version (ad-supported), and the “Donate” version that you can buy to support the developer and get rid of the ads.

If you are using an Android device, click here to download the donate version, and here to get the free version.

Here is the change-log:
Donate version available on Market;
New pinout tab;
• Parallel port pinout;
• VGA port pinout;
• S-Video port pinout;
• USB3 pinout;
Capacitor Charge Calculation;
Capacitor marking codes;
• Updated AWG wire size;
• Symbols and Abbreviations;
• Tested on Galaxy Tab AVD;
• minor layout changes;

Some notes:

1) The Donate versione use a licensing service. So the first few times you start the application, it will check that you have buyed the app, if the verification will fail the ads will be enabled.

2) If, after updating the free version, the links on the home pages does not work anymore, remove the old link and recreate a new one (may be necessary a reboot of the device after the remove).