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Errors (4)

Error 5436 is a Google Play error. Please, check that you have the last version of Google Play and Google Play Services installed.
Update Google Play if necessary and then uninstall and reinstall Electrodroid/Electrodoc.
If this do not help, contact us at this link

Category: Errors

It may be a data corruption problem of the preferences of the app.
You could try to clear the app data (Settings -> Apps -> Electrodroid -> “Clear data”, and “Clear cache”).

Category: Errors

The first time you start the app, it is necessary to enable the internet connection to activate the license and you must be logged on your device with the account you used to buy the app.
So make sure that the Internet connection is enabled when you start the app, to allow your phone to contact Google services and verify if you have bought the app through Google Play store. If you installed the app from another market, you must have that market installed and you have to be logged in to it.

After the license is acquired, it will be cached and the connection will not be necessary every time. If the check fail, you’ll get the ads until the next check.

Ensure that internet connection and data synchronization are active (check that “Background data” is enabled in Settings, Accounts & sync, Background data). If your connection and synchronizations are active but you can’t acquire the license, you can:
1) try again in couple of minutes with internet connection active (it may be a momentary problem of Google servers, that will solve automatically).
2) try to use 3G connection (sometimes WiFi can give problem).
3) clear cache & data of the app (Settings, Applications, choose ElectroDroid/Electrodoc Pro, and tap “Clear data” and “Clear cache”).
4) uninstall the app and reinstall it.
5) clear data of Google Play (Settings, Applications, find Google Play Store, and tap “Clear data” and “Clear cache”); a restart of your device may be necessary.
6) sign into Google Talk again (Launch Google Talk app; if you’re already signed into Talk, press Menu, and then touch Sign out. Launch Talk again to sign in).

If your device uses a custom ROM, please make sure that you Google Play Store and Google Play services are installed and updated to the latest version.

If the problem persist, please contact us with as much details as possible about your configuration and the order number of the purchase.

Category: Errors

Remove the old link and recreate a new one; if the problem persist may be necessary a reboot of the device.

Category: Errors

Generic (5)

All purchase operations are handled by the app store (Apple AppStore, Google Play, Amazon, etc.). The stores manage all purchases operations, including accepted payment methods. Unfortunately we do not have control of payment methods.
If the favorite purchase method is not available, you may check with your bank or mobile operator if there are restrictions.
If you need more information, please contact the app store support.

Category: Generic

Yes, the purchases are associated with your account and is valid in a single store (Apple AppStore, Google Play, etc.) for an unlimited number of devices.
If you need to install the app on a new device, you can login in the app store with the same account used for the purchase, and you will be allowed to download the app on your new device.
However, purchase is NOT valid in another store (e.g. if you have purchased in Google Play, this purchase is valid only in Google Play and it’s not valid in Apple AppStore).

Category: Generic

The PRO version doesn’t have any ads.
It has also some additional features (e.g. the “Inverse Resistor Calculator”, improved LED resistor calculator), and more pinouts and resources.
You will also get extra free space in the circuit simulator Everycircuit; if you launch Everycircuit from Electrodroid, you will get 78% more space (4×4 tile area) for your simulations.

Starting from version 3.x the Pro version also allow to sort lists of calculator/pinout/resource according to your preferences.

These are the features available only on the PRO version (list updated to vers. 4.5):

  • Info and formulas;
  • Lookup Resistor color by value;
  • Customizable LED list in LED calculator;
  • Customizable values in LM317 calculator;
  • Zener resistor calculator;
  • Range Converter;
  • RMS Converter;
  • All Arduino boards pinout;
  • Raspberry Pi, Pi0, Pi3 GPIO pinouts and specs;
  • BeagleBone boards;
  • GPIB (IEEE-488) pinout;
  • JTAG pin-out;
  • Character LCD pin-out;
  • Power Over Ethernet;
  • SD card pinout;
  • SIM/Smart cards;
  • Thermocouples color codes;
  • Trailer connectors;
  • PT100 Conversion Table;
  • Fuses color codes;
  • Automotive Fuses color codes;
  • DIN47100 color coding;
  • IP marking;
  • World sockets and plugs;
  • IEC sockets and plugs;

… and more features in future.

Category: Generic

Electrodroid/Electrodoc is compatible with Android 1.6 and successive. It supports phones and tablets with all the screen densities and resolutions. Some feature may be available only on recent versions.

Electrodroid/Electrodoc is also available for Blackberry (BB10 and Playbook), Windows Phone (7.x, 8.x, 10) and iOS devices (8.0 or later).

For other apps compatibility please check their respective page.

Category: Generic

Please check the app page on this website to get the link to download the app from the stores.

Category: Generic

New features (2)

Please use this contact form

Category: New features

There is a long list of features that we would implement, such as: RLC circuit, filters, inductors and capacitors color/marking, transistors calculator, capacitor code calculator, transistor BJT… and many other pin-out and references. If you would like to have other features, contact us.

Category: New features

Permissions (1)

There is a little ad banner in the main page that require internet connection. However the application is functional even without connection.
There are some features (such as pinout/datasheets download, plugin, etc.) that require internet connection.
Internet access is also required to check the license on the first start-up of the app.

Category: Permissions

Plugins (1)

Plugins are external apps that add new features to Electrodroid/Electrodoc.
All the new installed plugins will appear inside the lists of Electrodoc, so you can easily use them.

They are made by the same developer of Electrodroid, or by other developers, that would like to add their own functionalities.

If you are a developer and are interested to insert your tool inside Electrodoc, please contact us.

Category: Plugins

Translation (2)

If you want to see Electrodoc in your language and/or complete/correct a translation, feel free to contact me, or click here to join the translation team and help with the translations!

Click here to see the status of each translation

Category: Translation

Currently the app supports the following language: English, Albanian, Arabic, Basque, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Greek, Japanese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uyghur, Vietnamese.

Some translations are incomplete.
Click here to see the status of each translation

Category: Translation